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Not to tell you,
That I always loved you,
And probably always will,
Would've been an insult in our memory,

We have seen different places,
Thousands of different faces,
Different forgotten difficulties,
Different glories of all sorts.

And even though our lives have begun differently,
We might speak different tongues,
We come from different parts of the world.
Our hearts will always beat as one.

It was often, to me, told,
That I should keep my thoughts to myself,
That I should keep memories, memories,
And not bring them back.

But to think of all of that,
I came to the understanding,
That all those feelings,
All those thoughts.

Were but the truth,
Hidden for ages,
Deep within the roots,
Of my memories.

"I hope you understand.."


I wrote this partially for a friend I hold very dear.. :heart:

And partially for a competition by the Literature-group: All-poetry.
It's classified under Romance, but actually it's much more.
It's a darker type of Romance, due to the deeper philosophical idea's underneath the whole.

I really liked writing this, for it shows how I really see the world.

I was inspired the song The Truth by Audiomachine (Hence the title of my own work.)

You can listen to the song here: [link]!

I hope you enjoy this piece.


The theme of this competiton is romance, as I am a sucker for anything connected to it.
It can be anything to do with romance, as long as it does not interfere with the rules of the group

1. No art theft
2. No stalking or trolling
3. Place your art in the correct folder
4. No art abuse
5. Art must be literature
6. No art of an explicit or mature nature

There are some rules for this competition:
1) The piece of art must be made for this competition
2) You must put it into the 'Romance Competition' folder
3) You cannot copy another piece of art
4) In the submission note, write what the piece is for this group competiton
5) All the regular rules apply
6) You must be a member of this group
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